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Recognition with Transparency and Credibility

GOLDEN SIGNATURE AWARDS is an initiative of Golden Signature Research and Consulting (GOLDEN SIGNATURES) in active partnership with knowledge and business thought leaders powered by INDIAN OBSERVER POST.


We are group of leading professionals, supported by our four thought leadership networks

These networks comprise more than 1500 experts, journos and writers.

Realizing the need for transparent recognition of efforts in different spheres of activities, the GOLDEN SIGNATURES has established a dedicated initiative ‘Golden Signature Awards’. With the help of leading global experts, we hope to drive a revolutionary change in the process of recognizing and appreciating the organizations and leaders for their contribution to humanity and society.

AIMS & objectiveS

  1. To strengthen stakeholder trust through innovation in recognition and award process
  2. To inspire the people through due recognition of their genuine efforts
  3. To provide a trust-based assessment of quality through proper recognition process
  4. To facilitate participative and collective recognition and award process.


On March 08, 2021

At Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi



Coming Soon

Quality Check & Rating

process transparency

  1. User Participation
  2. Innovation in Methodology
  3. Scientific Orientation in Recognition
  4. Global cross-sectoral team of experts


  1. Contextualized to the needs
  2. Socially Responsible
  3. Dedicated Expert for Each Award
  4. Research Driven Recognition Process

upcoming AwardS

Recognizing the institutional excellence and leadership in imparting business and management education, this specific award category aims to drive improvement in B-Schools and Universities.  This is a joint initiative of Indian Observer Post (IOP) and GSRC. The awards are based on a fair and transparent assessment process, designed in consultation with global thought leaders and experts in the field of management education.

This Award category focuses on recognizing institutional excellence and leadership in Indian higher education. The award aims to highlight the distinguished features of the selected 21 universities and institutions on identified relevant parameters. The award is a joint initiative of INDIAN OBSERVER POST (IOP) and GOLDEN SIGNATURES. The awards are based on a fair and transparent assessment process, designed in consultation with global thought leaders and experts in higher education. The selected 21 institutions and their leaders’ profiles are included in high-quality Coffee-Table Books. We do not include any advertisement in this exclusive book.

Public system governance plays an important role in the development of the country. Recognizing the need for appreciating the great contribution of high performing public systems organizations and provincial/ local governments, this award category is unique in terms of its reach and impact. We aim to drive high-quality responsive and responsible governance of public systems through fair assessment of their performance and contributions.

The field of advertising and public relations has evolved significantly during the last two decades. Realizing the convergence in different forms of marketing communication, the IMC Awards aim to appreciate the responsible communication by organizations and institutions in a holistic manner. This is a unique award, designed by a team of media and marketing communication experts. 

The particular award category is more generic in nature and includes a variety of ‘consumer services’. The recognition parameters are designed in consultation with global quality and consumer service experts. We aim to drive revolution in ‘consumer service quality’ through this award.

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